Even though we are a management consulting firm we call ourselves a “reverse training company” because 95% of what we do is give our intellectual property away for free on our website and then only charge if people want customized consulting on top of that. Our free programs are intended for leaders to build their own revenue growth and mission success training programs based on our our team's former careers, research with high performers and 500 of our favorite books on the subject. as tier one special ops, 22 year FBI hostage negotiator, private equity CEO, pro Pro athletes and other high-performance organizations. While we have many clients who pay for consulting our how-to’s are meant to be standalone, mix and match as you see fit, all inclusive systems that leaders can implement for free without us. Our decisions about how to improve the modules and which ones we will build next come from your the user's so if you do run your own experiment using them we really want to hear about your results so please email us and tell us about what is working for you to WhatsWorking@MyelinAdvisors.com